Mary DoyleMary Doyle is a lifelong educator with over 27 years of experience in public schools. Her background in teaching and learning will bring transformational leadership to the South Bay Union School District and ensure that ALL South Bay students have a quality education.

Instrumental in guaranteeing the South Bay community representation on the Sweetwater Union High School District Governing Board, Mary Doyle knows our students and community deserve a voice. She believes in putting students first and was part of the community effort to hold corrupt Sweetwater officials accountable for their mismanagement of public funds meant for our schools.

Mary believes that all students should feel safe and welcome at school. She volunteers with the Gay Straight Alliance at Mar Vista High and wants to establish a culture of equity and tolerance at all South Bay schools.

Mary Doyle is committed to improving and strengthening South Bay neighborhoods. She serves as the chairperson of the Tidelands Advisory Committee for the city of Imperial Beach; she believes in protecting the environment for future generations. As a California native and graduate of public schools through the University level, Mary is passionate about our community’s cultural diversity and natural beauty.

Mary Doyle is proud to receive the official endorsement of South Bay elementary teachers and will strive to create the schools our students deserve!

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